Triangle Photographers Association

Winter Meeting 2010

Album / Folio Rules

¨       All entries must be hand delivered to the Triangle Registration desk on Sunday, January 24, 2010 between the hours of 9:00am and 11.00am.

$20.00 Registration fee per entrant for all albums or folios.

You must enter a wedding album or a folio to be eligible for “Photographer of the Year” which will be awarded at the Fall Convention.
No identifying marks may appear on prints, folios or wedding albums.  Logos must be covered with tape.
The master and non-master categories have been eliminated.  All folios will be judged the same for trophies.


1.      You may enter a total of four (4) folios.  They may be placed in the same categories or split among the categories.  Trophy winners will be chosen from the blue ribbon entries.
2.      The images will be judged as a single unit.  Judging is based on lighting, composition, posing and variety.  (Not on the folio).
3.      Entries must include 6 – 8 images from the same       session or social event. There is no minimum size for images.  Underlays will not be considered as one of the images.
4.      Images may be placed in folio mats of the correct size or a full digital print or prints may be mounted to the folio as long as the required number of images and sizes are present and identifiable.
5.      Trophies will be awarded for First, Second and Third in each of the five categories.
6.      Reflection folios are not eligible on the grounds they are created at different times during the year.  


1.   Individual – Portrait of an individual or animal.  Same subject must be presented throughout the folio. 
2.      Group – Portrait of a group.  Two or more subjects.  Example: Entire family, Mom alone, Dad alone, Children as a group.  (This is just an example.  You may divide your   group any way you wish.) 
3.      Wedding/Social Event – Photographs from one social event, such as a bride or any wedding type photographs.  Note:  Any bride/groom must be entered in this category 
4.      Digital – Includes electronic/digital still images or electronically created, composed or manipulated images created as first generation original images.  Submit your images in this category if you have digitally created a new        image (the image or images may include other and/or images from other mediums).  Original photographs and computer-generated imagery must have been exposed and/or created by the entrant.  No additional artwork or spray may be applied to the surface of the prints. Images may be any size and combined into a single print as long as there are between 6    and 8 distinct images.  Mats are optional. 5. Illustrative – This category is for any prints that do not fit in the above categories. The same rules apply as to the number of prints and sizes.


1.  A maximum of one album per category may
be entered.
2.  No multiple volume albums allowed.
3.  All photographs must be from the same social
4   Album size is limited to a maximum outside
   dimension of 400 square inches or smaller.   However images within the album can be of any size for the purpose of enhancing creativity and the storytelling aspects of the album.                        


1.  Wedding/Social Event:
      All images must be from the same event.  Multi maker and single maker will be judged as the same category.  The first place album will receive the Bill Stockwell Trophy.  Albums will be judged for 2nd and 3rd place. 
2.   Portrait Study:        Album must consist of the same subject. Examples:  Senior, child, pet, family, etc. 
3.    Events (Other than wedding or social):
       Examples:  Football games, auto race, birthday       party, etc. 
4.    Illustrative: Examples:  Fine art images such as scenics, flowers, architecture, photo journalist, etc.

All catergories will be judged for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Album and Folio Entry Forms (Word Doc)


Dave Savarino

Sunshine Summers

Janice Wendt

Bob Hancock

Art Suwansang

Ken Sklute


Light Room One-Day Seminar

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM